Whether your crackers are for a dinner party, family games night, a birthday, a rainy day at the cottage, a family reunion, the 4th of July, New Year's Eve or Christmas Day, the Cracker Elves will pack fun into every one of your crackers - with themed games, puzzles, jokes, trivia and conversation starters.

We fussy Elves use only best quality wraps, snaps and gifts. No plastic gizmos or cheap novelties in our crackers!  We shop for the very best printed papers to make your hats and the very freshest candy to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can be proud to offer Elves' Best Crackers at all of your special family gatherings


Your Cracker Elves make a promise to you to pack as much variety into every order as we can possibly manage! From the joke/activity sheets to the festively printed paper crowns, we are committed to adding variety to your next celebration.